Benny The Butcher Everybody Can’t Go

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Benny The Butcher has released his newest album titled “Everybody Can’t Go” after such a long delay, moreover what matters now is that he has finally released  the long awaited album.

Fans of Benny The Butcher are so happy following the fact that the rapper has finally released  a song album which he teased for over a year now, so many people has already started thinking  that he was not going to release  the album again.

The Benny The Butcher long awaited album “Everybody Can’t Go” was produced by The Alchemist and Hit-Boy which are the two top producer in the hip hop music industry today, fans are already rushing to listen to the project  that actually took Benny The Butcher a year to complete.

Meanwhile, some top rappers also made an appearance on the “Everybody Can’t Go” album, these top rappers include Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Jadakiss and Westside Gunn, Conway who are his Griselda members.

Benny The Butcher has actually used this new album to prove how good he is with his music craft, additionally, the album is more likely a self-governing narrative  project that give a very vital information to the listeners stating the fact that no body can actually survive the struggles to the end.

The album is actually a  project that is well organised, the sound is in a mechanical forms and also made with some digitized beats and eloquent instrumentation, fans have stated making a lot of good comments about the album that Butcher just released despite delaying  ut for so long.

Meanwhile, the rapper did not actually  reveal  why it took him that long before releasing  this new album, moreover, what matters is that he was able to create a different  perspective with the project.