ATL Jacob And Quavo on New Single ‘RNS’ Listen

ATL Jacob And Quavo on New Single ‘RNS’ Listen

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ATL Jacob Recruits Quavo on New Single ‘RNS’

ATL has had a solid last couple of years so he’s using the momentum now for his own records.

Today, he drops his new single ‘RNS’ featuring contribution from Quavo. On the track, Jacob not only produces but also raps.

“Let’s go crazy, flex up baby, I’m picking and I’m choosing, and I’m balling but I ain’t hooping,” raps ATL Jacob on the track which is out today via Republic Records. They note that more material from the talented artist is on the way.



Ayy, I’m on rich nigga shit (Rich)
I spent two thousand on rich nigga fits (Fits)
I keep her comin’ on rich nigga dick, put her friends in a group, that’s a rich nigga clique, ayy (Okay, okay, ayy)
Bring ’em all, I’m a groupie, baby girl (Damn)
I’ll take y’all out that hooptie, baby girl (Okay)
Ain’t no more sayin’, “Scoop me”, baby girl (Okay)
‘Cause I’m pickin’ and I’m choosin’ (Hey), and I’m ballin’ but ain’t hoopin’ (Hey)
I’m Gucci (Damn) or Louis (You), you Coogi (Lou’), that’s two fits (Two)
I’m too lit (Woo), her friends (Woo) bad buss down two wrists (Two wrists)
That’s like me buyin’ two bricks (Two bricks)
She don’t trip, that’s my cool bitch (Cool bitch)
All white Benz for her cool whip (Cool whip, okay)
Her best friend asks for new lips (New lips)
I BBL her new grip (New grip)
Two posts, new pics on new trips (New trips)
Cabo, it’s like a school trip, what I do?
I took all of here friends on two ships (Yeah)
On the ocean, just to view it, that conclude this
We litty all summer, you knew this, ‘Cho chewed it (Hey


ATL Jacob and Quavo on New Single ‘RNS’

Quavo hasn’t recently released any song or album for 2024 Buh his last album….ROCKET POWER. Quavo has been more of his late brother Takeoff. He wants to give him the moment not only with tribute but also with a brand new album just for Takeoff. We have been getting an update about Quavo’s Rocket Power.

Today, Quavo has released the album “Rocket Power” featuring 12 songs with guest appearances like Future, Young Thug, BabyDrill. Already he released a couple of songs and features which you can check out on his 2023 songs and features as compiled by Aswehiphop.