Slaughterhouse Unreleased Album: Just Blaze Unveils 2 Tracks

Slaughterhouse Unreleased Album: Just Blaze Unveils 2 Tracks

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Just Blaze dropped two tracks from Slaughterhouse unreleased album ‘Glass House’. He did this as he delved further into his musical archive.

In an X post on Monday (October 23). The veteran producer excitedly declared…

“I just found the slaughterhouse album. Jesus, this is great. I might do the Lord’s work”.

Following up, he provided a YouTube link to the tracks of Slaughterhouse unreleased album. Saying…

“Here’s 2 songs”.

Furthermore. He cited the recent passing of legendary producer DJ Mark The 45 King.

More to this. He used it as his motivation for revealing this previously unheard material.

In his own words. Just Blaze emphasized…

“45 King didn’t die for us to hold on to a bunch of music. More to come eventually”.

Slaughterhouse initiated work on ‘Glass House’ back in 2013. But the album remained unreleased.

Also. It was expected to be executively produced by Just Blaze. Together with contributions from…

DJ Premier, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Cardiak, !llmind, and AraabMuzik.

Although. In 2015, Snoop Dogg‘s GGN show hosted Just Blaze. And during the show, mentioned that the album was in its “last phases” and it also required mixing.

Eminem had previously discussed the breakdown of Slaughterhouse during an interview in 2018.

During that time. He explained that there were enough songs to release an album. But that the members had differing opinions on track selection.

This disagreement ultimately led to the group’s disbandment, as they pursued individual solo projects.

In addition. During an appearance on Drink Champs in March. Joe Budden claimed responsibility for the group’s dissolution, stating…

“Come on, give me the blame, I’ll take it. I ruined everything”.

While ‘Glass House’ remained unreleased. Slaughterhouse managed to release two studio albums before their breakup.

Their self-titled debut arrived in 2009 on E1 Music. And their second album, ‘Welcome To: Our House,’ was released in 2012 through Eminem’s Shady Records.