Pharrell and Timbaland Playfully Debate Over Jay-Z's Catalog

Pharrell and Timbaland Playfully Debate Over Jay-Z’s Catalog

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Pharrell and Timbaland, two legendary producers and long-time friends, engaged in a lighthearted debate over Jay-Z’s catalog. The debate was about who has the better songs with Jay-Z at Swizz Beatz’s recent birthday party. This friendly rivalry showcased their admiration for each other’s work.

Pharrell kicked off the discussion as he praised Timbaland for the production of Jay-Z’s 2003 hit “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”, straight out from the Black Album. Pharrell exclaimed, saying…

“What are we doing? ‘Dirt Off Your Shoulder’!”

Timbaland, also acknowleded Pharrell’s impressive catalog, as he responded by saying that…

“I gotta think about you because you’ve done so many.”

However, Pharrell playfully teased Timbaland, when he said this…

“You’ve done so many classics that you’re just going through your Rolodex right now!”

Although, Timbaland humorously retorted…

“No! I’m going through your Rolodex! It’s so many!” as he contemplated their extensive collaborations with Jay-Z.

This friendly banter of theirs continued without a clear winner. But Pharrell affectionately referred to Timbaland as the “king of Jay-Z records,” while Timbaland modestly called Pharrell the “prince.”

What really made this exchange even more remarkable was that it took place at a luxurious chateau in the Cognac region of France during a dinner hosted by Hennessy, and it was attended by guests like Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys. The setting also added an air of sophistication to their playful rivalry.

This isn’t the first time Pharrell and Timbaland have expressed their mutual admiration for one another. Previously,  they have both celebrated each other for their work ethics and production skills, demonstrating the deep respect they share as musical peers.

Their playful debate highlights the wealth of iconic songs that both producers have contributed to Jay-Z‘s extensive catalog, leaving to fans appreciate the musical genius and talents of both Pharrell and Timbaland.