PlayBoi Carti 2024 Songs and Features

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In 2023, Aswehiphop released a compilation featuring rappers and crooners who produced numerous songs and a few albums. However, the Aswehiphop 2023 top compilations comprised only selected rappers, excluding Playboy Carti.

Fast forward to 2024, the American rapper-singer has caught our attention after collaborating with Travis Scott on the track BACKROOMS. Meanwhile, Travis Scott and PlayBoi Carti are the first artists we’re compiling their 2024 songs and features. Check out Travis Scott’s 2024 songs and features on this page.

On this page, PlayBoi’s 2024 songs and features are being compiled, showcasing all his new releases from January to December. Albums, standalone singles, mixtapes, features, freestyles, and more will be listed below as we update the list regularly.

PlayBoi Carti 2024 Songs and Features

  • EvilJ0rdan

On January 2nd, 2024, Carti reminded us of his upcoming album titled I AM MUSIC. He released a new song from the anticipated album, teaming up with Travis Scott on the track BLACKROOMS, the official video of which can be found on YouTube.

On 16th January, Aswehiphop updated another new song of PlayBoi Carti titled EvilJ0rdan. Already this song will be added to his new album. EvilJ0rdan, also released with its video as shared by him Instagram.

Stay tuned for PlayBoi’s 2024 songs and features as we continue to update this page promptly.