Outrageous hip hop music videos

The Most Outrageous Hip Hop Videos of All time

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The hip hop music gives some certainly kind of vibes to the listeners some times, and most times, these vibes appear to be some kind of romance or sexually explicit vibes and when the video comes out, the artists will have no other option  than to make it appear more outrageous and raunchy to viewers.

So, Aswehiphop.com has been able to make a list of some outrageous hip hop videos for far  which we will be listing  out on this article, moreover, some of this song videos such as Nelly’s 2003 visual for his remix to “E.I.,” known as “Tip Drill.” is actually the most sexually explicit and outrageous hip hop music video so far.

In this Nelly’s 2003 visual for his remix to “E.I.,” “Tip Drill,” she actually shot the video inform of a house party where there were many ladies  putting on bikini and all other exposing outfits and in the same video, featuring Nelly and St. Lunatics, Nelly was seen swiping a fake credit card in-between a woman’s buttocks and doing all sort of naughty things with the ladies in the music video.

Nicki Minaj is another hip hop artist  who most a time make some outrageous and sexually explicit videos, although, is happen once in a while as she doesn’t find her moment  of doing that a the time, meanwhile,  there one clearer video of the the female rapper being  so naughty in her music video.

This video is actually her 2014 music video for “Anaconda,” where she was actually giving out some hot twerks in the jungle and as well patting the behinds of her well-endowed friends. This Anaconda music is unarguably one of the videos from the female rapper where she had the naughtiest display ever.

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion are also two other female rappers can be so naughty in their music videos, but, there is this particular music video that was a collaborative video from the two female rappers that really got fans taking when it was released, this song is Cardi B’s  2020 banger “WAP”

“WAP” music video was a collaborative video from Cardi B  and Megan Thee Stallion, this video actually features a kind of nude stone statues the two rappers caressing themselves in the video, they also appeard in an outfit that is far of from covering  their bodies and  gold-plated breasts and booties lining the walls of the hallways in a posh mansion.

And the last before we go straight  into listing some other notorious amd outrageous hip hop music videos is the City Girls’ 2018 collab “Twerk” with Cardi B which shows the two rappers covered  with just body paint and tweaking  in the music video.

Meanwhile, this may not actually be a surprise and abstract things to every hip hop dir hard fan who knows full well that the hip music is always full of some sexually explicit views, so we aswehiphop.com is also warning  you yo be able that most of the video thay will be listed below are highly outrageous and sexually explicit.

Some outrageous and sexually explicit hip hop music video so far.

Throat Baby (Remix)”


The Throat Baby is a song video remix featuring BRS Kash, DaBaby and City Girls, this song is more like a sex-drenced anthem, and due to it’s raunchy and sexually explicit nature, it got the attention of a lof of people  who are hip hop lovers.

Many people went far as using  the song for their tiktok video which was so crazy at the moment  and then help the song to have up to a 250 million global streams, moreover,  BRS Kash took on many roles which include being  a doctor and a fire fighter while his collaborators played the role of some real life Barbie dolls.


Just as we have mentioned earlier kn this article, “WAP” is a collaborative music video from Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion and that was their naughtiest collaborative video display ever.

After the release of the song, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion actually  faced some copyright infringements after Denise “Necey X” Jones sued them for “WAP” lyric, “pu**y so wet,”, although, after some series of reveals on the case and court ruling,  the judge that was handling  the case dismissed it claiming  that the lyric is “neither original nor unique to the Plaintiff,” as the song line is frequently used by most singer in their songs.

Meanwhile, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion really had it so crazy in the song “WAP” music video as it appear to be so outrageous and more explicit for audience.

Tip Drill” (Explicit Version)


Nelly Tip Drill Explicit Version  became a hit on BET’s Uncut, a late-night program that deals with some videos too that are  ery naughty for daytime hours, meanwhile, this was due to the song appears to be so sexually Explicit.

Meanwhile,  there is an infamous credit card scene from Nelly with some black women that really became a topic of discussion  in most music TV show, this scene in the video really got a lot of displeased with the song despite being hot at that moment.

Moreover, after some concerns  were raised about Nelly’s act in the video, the producer of the video, Kareem Johnson then came out to defend Nelly by talking more on what really happened in the scene.

“This whole setup was not a foreign concept: a house party in ATL with rappers, ballers and girls in bikinis. It was a popular theme at the time on camera and in real life.” He stated.

“Juicy” by Doja Cat


“Juicy” song Video by Doja Cat is actually one of the most explicit music videos in the hip hop industry till date, Doja Cat  actually features Tyga in the song video and her outfit I’m the veiod was actually something more explicit  as she was dressed a in some bunch of juicy fruit-based outfits, with some fruit graphics barely covering her body.

“My Neck, My Back” by Khia


This a very and different kind of explicit music video from Khia, tsong project  really got the attention of many people, following it’s explicit in nature and many people started  making  some remix of the song both tiktok and other social media platform making it a trend.

“Jingalin” by Ludacris


Ludacris has unarguably become oneof tbe best rappers who truly gives fans the right kind of vibes that they need at every particular point in time, meanwhile, in this “Jingalin” music video,  he decided to make a kind of explicit views that actually got a lot of fans talking as the song feature a lot of naked displays.

“Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj is one female rapper that loves giving her fans song sexy displays of her body with most of her  music video, but in this her “Anaconda” song Video, the female rapper actually went more explicit with her displays, making  the music project to become one or the most explicit hip hop music video ever.

“Work” by T-Pain


T-Pain gave a real time raunchy lyric on this “work” music project, and even in the video, he still make some naughty visual making the song tonbe more of an explicit song project, meanwhile, the song actually got some real sale and became a hit song for him at that moment.

“Disco Inferno” by 50 Cent


This is a very old song of the rapper “50 Cent” and unarguably his most sexually explicit song video, this song has made the rapper to be in tbe history of those that have made some outrageous hip hop music projects so far.

“Blackjack” by CupcakKe


Blackjack is a bed room song from the American Rapper Cupcakke and it’s her most sexually explicit music video, although, it is not that outrageous like most of tbe songs that we have mentioned previously.

Pop It, Shake It” by YG


Pop It, Shake It” by YG is an old song that is dated 4 years back, this song is one of the best music project by YG at that moment, but the fact that is se how sexually explicit made a lot of people not to find it so interesting, meanwhile, some die hard hip hop fans still enjoyed it.

“Dance (A$$)”


Big Sean collaborative song with Nicki Minaj “Dance (A$$)” was a song tbag really got every one talking  when the music video was released, meanwhile, what mostly got the attention of some fans to listen to the song is the fact that it is a very sexually explicit video featuring Nicki Minaj whonis known for giving such vibes.

Some other outrageous hip hop music videos include  “Oochie Wally” by  Nas Featuring Bravehearts, “Wooble, Wooble” by 504 Boyz, “Twerk” by City Girls Featuring Cardi B, “Hustla” by  Kash Doll, “Lapdance” by N.E.R.D,” “Topia Twins” by Travis Scott Featuring 21 Savage and Rob49