Offset love Michael Jackson

Offset New Way of Showing His Love for Micheal Jackson Wows Fans.

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Rapper “Offset” has unarguably been one of tbe die hard Fans of the late King of pop music “Micheal Jackson” following the height  of love and he always show in everything that has to do with the late “Micheal Jackson”

One of his most popular ways of showing  his membership in the Michael Jackson fan club is by paying some humble attributes to the late King of pop in some of his music and videos, which his at some point  took the step of getting tattoo of the singer on his hip.

But, in his recent post on social media, he showed a photo of himself holding a one-of-a-kind piece of memorabilia which many people  have considered one of the greatest ways he is using  to show his love and support  for the Micheal Jackson fan club.

The post he made on Tuesday (October 24) on his social media account  reads “The actual jacket here,” as a caption on a picture of himself showing off he famous letterman jacket worn by the Gloved One in the “Thriller” video.

Seeing this, Micheal Jackson fans quickly detected where they took the picture, according  to them, ” the picture was taken at the home of John Branca, the powerful entertainment lawyer who is the co-executor of Jackson’s estate.” fans stated

Offset loyalty to Micheal Jackson is really getting to his wife “Cardi B” as she voices out concerning  the Micheal tattoo her husband got on his hip, according  to her, the tattoo makes her scared alot especially when they are making out.

““I really need y’all to see the Michael Jackson tattoo he got on his stomach, I don’t even wanna take it there. I will take it there, but it’s just like, y’all really have to see it. Because every single time I, you know like, [imitates oral sex], it just be looking at me, I swear to God. You gotta see that tattoo. The tattoo really be looking at me like, ‘Yeahhhh” Cardi Cries.