Kanye West's Advisor kodak Black

Kodak Black_ ” I Could be Kanye West’s Advisor”

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Kodak Black recently had an interview with the Drink Champ and the full clip of the video which they just released  has goy a lot of fans talking as they heard kodak Black saying thay he could be Kanye West’s Advisor.

The interview which appeared on all the news platforms on the 28th of October was actually a great interaction between Kodak Black co-hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN and at some point in the interview,  Kodak Black stated that he can be able to serve as Kanye West’s Advisor.


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Meanwhile, their conversation in the interview mainly centers on two artists which was Pharell Williams and Kanye West, the origin of the conversion was during  the show’s infamous “Quicktime With Slime” when they asked them to make their choices on best two artists who they will also have to take a shot is they select both.

Meanwhile, after kodak Black made his own choice, they then asked him who he was siding  to, whether Kanye West or Pharell Williams, so, he actually side with Pharell Williams after which he said that he could be Kanye West’s Advisor.

“I fuck with Pharrell. I’m not going to lie, I can call Pharrell and talk about anything. I fuck with him,” kodak Black said as he reviews hoe cool he feels to be with Pharell.

Meanwhile,  after making  the statement about Pharell,  he then took a bit breath and proceeded to talk about hoe he feels about Kanye West, “But Kanye [is] Gemini gang, and Kanye, I felt [sic] like I can be his mentor or something. It would be very fruitful for his life. Kanye, when you see [this], holler at me.” Kodak Black stated as his host amd Co host could not hold there laughter.