Jay-Z 2024 album

Jay-Z 2024 Album Rumours Goes Viral Again_ See Video Shoots Photos

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Thee have been a rumours that went viral some time ago stating  that Jay-Z is working on a 2024 album, and at a time, the new began yo die off, the rumours  has started going viral again after some video shoots photo of the rapper working  on a music project surfaced online.

This rumours stated going viral in Sunday (Jan. 28), after director  Hidji posted some onset pictures of him and Jay-Z on Instagram shooting  some music video as he so captioned  it “Jay-Z 2024 album.” His captioned actually made the rumours more strong among Jay-Z fans.

Jay-Z 2024 album
Jay-Z 2024 album

Moreover, Jay-Z  has not actually  said anything  concerning all of the speculations that has been going  on among his fans, also, his team at the Roc Nation has also denied that they know about any Jay-Z New 2024 Album after they responded to a twitter post made by a blogger with a caption “That’s news to us”

Meanwhile, this rumours about Jay-Z releasing a new album this year actually started last year’s November after “Renowned auction house Christie’s featured a unique Jay-Z-autographed collection of 14 exclusive metallic library cards.”

Following the auction metallic library cards, 13 of these cards showcased the album covers of Jigga’s classic albums as the 14th card actually featured the words “The Book of Hov,” in a blue slot.

According  to some records that we have been able to gather, Jay-Z has not actually been able to drop any album since his 2017 4:44 Album which was actually one of his best music project  that got a very wide attention during the period ofnhis released, and since then,  the rapper has not actually  announced  or talked about releasing any studio album.

Is at all Hov should hit tbe studio for a music project, it is going  tk mark his first full-length music project in over seven years.