Lil Wayne Greatest mixtape of all time

Lil Wayne Chooses Future’s Mixtape to be Greatest Of All Time

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Over the years, the legendary rapper “Lil Wayne” has always proven to be the best in the rap game and undoubtedly he has maintained a certain standard in his music career ranging from the countless songs that he has released and had several greatest mixtape of all time.

Meanwhile, recently, Lil Wayne has not really been in the front of the game due to the fact that he is already getting old in the rap game, but nonetheless, his legacies  are still covering  up for him following  the fact that he really did a great job during is youth age.

But now, the rap mogul seems to have a different perspective on what he thinks that is the greatest of all time when it comes to mixtapes, and while talking  about it in a recent interview together with 2 Chainz at Conplex, Lil Wayne has surprised fans with his choice of the greatest of all time.

During  Lil Wayne  and 2 Chainz interview at Complex, they were asked to name their greatest mixtape of all time, 2 Chainz  actually chose the DJ Drama-hosted tapes Trap Or Die, The Dedication, and his own project, T.R.U. Religion to be his own greatest projects of all time.

Then, when the question came to Lil Wayne, he made a very simple answer as he chose the 56 Nights by Future to be his own greatest mixtape of all time, contrary to what fans were expecting  him to say, most of his fans were expecting to say, but Lil Wayne chose 56 Nights by Future.

Moreover, 56 Nights by Future was more like a welcome home project of Dj Esco following  tbe fact that it was released  after the Dj came out from prison after being jailed for weed.