Drake You Broke My Heart

New Song Video_ Drake “You Broke My Heart” Watch

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Toronto Canadian rapper Drake has released  a new song video for his “You Broke My Heart” single just as he promised his fans that he is going  to make a video of the song for them.

The song “You Broke My Heart” came from his “For All The Dogs” album appearing  as the last track of of his Scary Hours 3 Edition, which jas got the interest if many fans following  the story and Inspiration  behind the song itself.

The song could be a past love story of the Toronto  rapper “Drake” following the title and the song lyrics, meanwhile,  in the video, Drake and Morgan Wallen who is his special  guest in the project were seen coming  out from the bar after drinking as they were discussing about their Ex.

And in that Dame scene, they entered  into the car after which something strange happen in video, you can check it out below, meanwhile, do many people  have started making a lot of comments concerning  the music project as many applaud the rapper “Drake” for always putting in the same energy when every he want to put out a music project.

Following the way fans are really  talking  about this song “You Broke My Heart” it’s expected  that it moves to tbe radio soon and also itaight be a very hit single for Drake this season, moreover, he has really played a great  role to make that happen.

Currently, the songs  appeared to be the latest song to the EP “Scary Hours 3” as its the most song that Drake fans  are patronising more that other songs in the EP , even from the main album “For All the Dogs ” which hit No. 1 on Billboard charts, all thanks to Scary Hours 3 EP.