6ix9ine Miami Mansion

6ix9ine Miami Mansion and Rolls Royce at Stake Over Court Judgement

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Previously, 6ix9ine has been facing some court cases following some assaults which he has been found guilty of after some series of court hearing, but the recent case is about to cost him his miami mansion and Rolls Royce.

6ix9ine has been recently ordered to pay the sum of $10 million to a victim of his assault, which he was given a short period of time for him to make the payment to the victim, but it seems that the rapper is not meeting up with the time the court gave to him.

Although,  following the circumstances surrounding the judgment passed by the court, it’s clear that a due process was not following  before  passing  the judgement for 6ix9ine to pay such amount  to the victim, following  the report, the rapper failed  to come to court the day the hearing was supposed to hold.

Meanwhile, his Attorney has made a statement  concerning the case, according to him, a motion has been filled to vacate the judgement following the fact that “Plaintiff (Alexis Salaberrios) failed to comply with Florida law regarding service of process and notice for jury trial.”

“Our motions document every failure by the Plaintiff to provide due process to our client. The docket backs up everything we have alleged. The Judge has already entered some orders on the case and we expect some form of final order this week,” 6ix9ine attorney stated.

But, the court has currently ordered the receiver to seize some of 6ix9ine’s properties which includes his 2022 Rolls Royce Cullinan vehicle and his Palm Beach County, Fla.

This is dur to the Nov. 22, Judge Robert T. Watson signed off on a judgment ordering 6ix9ine to pay the victim, Alexis Salaberrios, $9,825,000 for injuries she suffered from the assault the rapper gave to him.