Cardi b like what freestyle

New Song Video: Cardi B “Like What (Freestyle)”

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Cardi B has returned with a new song titled “Like What (Freestyle)” in the song freestyle, she actually gave a very different energy in this new song video.

In the video, she seems to have a lot of vibes in her mind which she was actually planning to unleash, this si gle is actually her first single after “Bongos” collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion.

Moreover, the new song “Like What (Freestyle)” was actually giving some kind of vibes from the Missy Elliott‘s “1999 hit “She’s a B***h,” as cardi actually revealed a lot of things that she has on her mind on the new song.

“Ayo, let me throw some gas on this muthaf**kin’ year, b***h. I ain’t really talked my s**t in a minute. Who the f**k these b****es really think they talking to? B***h, is you f**king dumb?” She added.

Meanwhile, at some point in her song “Like What (Freestyle),” she actually directed her raps to those who she referred to as her haters who actually want her downfall from her career.

“Uh, keep a hater obsessed/In my comment havin’ a d**k suckin’ contest (Contest)/I’m pressure, y’all pressed (Y’all pressed)/Y’all don’t get addressed, y’all’s gettin’ outdressed, look (Ooh).”

Moreover, Cardi fans actually pushed her to do the song, following the fact that she somehow went off from the mic and performance for some time,  which led her fans to start making some kind of posts about a missing person.

They were indirectly referring Cardi cardi who has only performed once this year, which was in Jan. 1, 2024, in Miami, so in returning, she actually decided to to return with a new sound.