EP: Meek Mill ‘HEATHENISM’ Ft. Fivio Foreign & Future: Stream

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Meek Mill is a rapper who always takes action when things are going bad on his side. He can do anything to save his name from being tarnished by people. Diddy’s ongoing sexual harassment saga is still ongoing; the accusations and lawsuits are not taking a break, but instead, they continue to implicate more individuals in the entertainment industry.

Lil Rod, who is Diddy’s former producer and also the accuser in Diddy’s sexual harassment case, stated in a statement that multiple other rappers were coerced into engaging in these activities. The bombshell lawsuit against Sean “Diddy” Combs also claimed that Diddy engaged in intercourse with another male rapper identified as Rapper 5 from Philadelphia, a former boyfriend of rapper Nicki Minaj.

Some people believe Rod is implicating Meek Mill as being part of the activities. Even though you don’t know Meek Mill as “Rapper 5,” he can at least share his relationship story regarding him and Nicki Minaj. We admire Meek because he always voices his opinions, either through his social media handles, as he has been doing, or by releasing new songs or EPs where he shares his side.

Anyway, Meek Mill has released a new EP called “DON’T FOLLOW THE HEATHENS: HEATHENISM.” The rapper has decided to drop a new EP featuring 5 songs titled HEATHENISM with guest appearances from Fivio Foreign and Future. Meek makes it clear that this is a completely independent project. Stream it below.