Cardi B And Offset Sued for Beverly Hills Rental Damage

Cardi B And Offset Sued for Beverly Hills Rental Damage

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Cardi B and Offset, despite their separation, are still entangled in a legal battle.

However, This lawsuit was filed by the landlord of their Beverly Hills house. In which they rented in the year 2022.

More to this. Recent documents obtained by TMZ. Reveals that. The former couple are being accused of abruptly vacating the property in October.

It also stated that. They left behind unpaid rent. Utilities, and extensive property damage.

Also. The landlord claims that Cardi B and Offset. Whom are also known as Set. Were not only behind on rent and utility payments.

But also they caused approximately $85,000 worth of. “significant property damage”.

Additionally. This damage reportedly includes…

Permanent scratches on the tile floors, rugs, and curtains.

It also includes broken furniture. Holes in the walls. And burn marks on various surfaces such as…

Tables, counters, and cabinets.

Although. The timeline of the alleged damages aligns with the period when Cardi B and Offset publicly announced their split.

Cardi B And Offset’s Split

In early December. Cardi B had openly confirmed her separation from Offset. Citing rumors that he had been involved with Chrisean Rock. The ex-partner of rapper Blueface.

During an Instagram Live session. Cardi B also addressed the speculation about Offset’s alleged infidelity.

Stating that while she doesn’t believe the claims. She sees it as a sign to move on.

In addition to this. She expressed excitement about being single. While indicating her readiness for a fresh start.

This legal dispute which came at a time when both Cardi B and Offset are navigating changes, in their personal lives.

Raises questions about their financial responsibilities. And property damages incurred during their tenancy.

Which is further complicating to the aftermath of their relationship.

As the legal proceedings unfold. It remains to be seen. How the former couple will address these allegations. And settle the dispute with the landlord.