Cardi B Nicki Minaj Fashion

Cardi B Respond to Fans Claims of Copying Nicki Minaj Fashion

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Fans have accused Cardi B of Copying a fashion  that Nicki Minaj is known for, this speculations came up after a couple of pictures of Cardi B showcased online viewing  the rapper rocking white hair extensions and matching white fur coats.

Meanwhile, the female rapper “Cardi B” has taken out time to respond to these rumours  that have been waving  around following  the fact that she has not been in very good terms with Nicki Minaj  whom fans were saying  thay she was copyimg her fashion.

“You muthaf**king fans and b***hes are arguing over a coat that I had on for 45 seconds, “That’s an old coat, Y’all crying about a f**king old-ass coat. An archive piece in my f**king closet. Shut the f**k up.” Cardi B said as she defends herself from the fashion controversies that has been going on about her.

Moreover, the female rapper also revealed  during the instagram live video  that she doesn’t even pay attention to all the female rappers in the industry and that is the more reasons  she won’t be able to copy their fashion sense.

“I don’t give a f**k about these b***hes like y’all be giving a f**k about me. I don’t, I don’t watch these B***hes. B***hes can’t dress to me. Damn, b***h can’t f**king enjoy her f**king life, Y’all crying over an old-a*s coat. Suck my d**k.” Cardi B added.

Meanwhile, this particular issue got the two female rappers to come online and started dragging themselves, this was  after Nicki Minaj posted a picture of the same coat fans were taking about, even after Cardi has tried to resolve  the issue.

But it seems that Nicki Minaj really  wanted the to have this argument with Cardi B which they later had on X formally known as twitter.