Cardi B DESPECHÁ Remix

Listen Cardi B ‘DESPECHÁ’ Remix With ROSALÍA

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Listen to Cardi B DESPECHÁ’ Remix With ROSALÍA Is from ROSALÍA herself but she featured Cardi B.

DESPECHÁ’ Remix, although this is not the first version of the song. The version appeared on ROSALIA MOTOMAMI album which is currently available on Spotify streaming platform. You can check the album there.

Cardi B and ROSALÍA have never linked up before meanwhile, this is their first song. According to ROSALÍA, she always loves working with Cardi B and she hopes this won’t be their last vibe. However, this is a lot of love to Cardi B fans who have been pretty much tasty of her new album.

Listening to the song below then will notice that it’s about putting work and toxic men in the rearview mirror to party and dance. Though quite dope since Cardi B has her bars on the song. Listen to Cardi B DESPECHÁ’ Remix With ROSALÍA below.

So Far, Cardi B has gotten her fourth collaboration song just after linking up with GLORILLA on Tomorrow 2. This song also appeared on Cardi’s 2022 song features which you can also check out. There you will be able to know all these songs that have featured Cardi since this year.

Cardi B few days also teased a new song for her fans after getting disturbed for a new album. Anxiety is the reason why she hasn’t released any further album that will follow up her 2018 Invasion Of Privacy album.