Cardi B Teases New Song Ahead of 2023 Listen
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Cardi B teases new song ahead of 2023. Obviously, Cardi B is not dropping a new album this year. She and Nicki Minaj have missed out on the top best female albums of 2022 despite how they thrilled fans with a new album coming happening soon. But that never going to happen.

Cardi B had to show fans that she is still interested in rap music. Over a few months, the Tomorrow 2 co-rapper has been facing this kind of potential trolling from fans who claimed she is afraid of doing low numbers if she dropped a new album. She already responded to them that she is tired or not willing to rap anymore.

Having addressed the cause of her 2022 album being moved to next spring, Cardi B teases new song on Twitter where she raps like usual. “HERE some scraps since yall STARVING,” she captioned it. Listening to the song below, you will hear her rapping ‘they be watching every time that post’.

Cardi B was never ready to release new album this year. Anxiety is the cause of the delay she explained during an interview. She takes her time to make sure her family is ok. According to Cardi B, she gets bored with music, and she wants to give her kids a good treat even to her husband Offset.

Nothing new album this year never stopped her cashing out $1M in 35 minutes. Her recent performance was shocking to most minds. As of now, Cardi B keeps on shutting down critics about not being willing to drop Invasion Of Privacy follow-up.

But from her 2022 album drama, at least Aswehiphop has compiled Cardi B 2022 featured songs. It’s something that can help you create Cardi B 2022 song playlist. You can check it out to know all the songs that have featured Cardi B this year.

Meanwhile, 2023 is another fluctuating of promises of Cardi B and her upcoming album. But we hope she will deliver by 2023.