Lil Wayne & Tyga Shares New Song “Main One” with Mario

Lil Wayne & Tyga Shares New Song “Main One” with Mario

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Lil Wayne and Tyga have been good friends since set. In fact, Lil Wayne is very good also in helping fellow rappers like Drake, Nicki Mnaj, Tyga and more. Today Tyga and Lil Wayne have joined Mario’s song called “Main One.”

Officially, Mario’s “Main One” song features Lil Wayne and Tyga and it was updated here on Aswehiphop on the 21st of July.

Since this single got released online, fans have been questioning if Mario is working on a new album. Sure, that will be great as it will feature Lil Wayne, Tyga and more rappers that will be coming on board on Mario’s new album.

As for the song “Main One”, it followed up Mario’s last single titled “Like Her Too” which was released back in May 2023. Sounds great indeed and is loved by many who love listening to his songs. You can check it out on Spotify.

Now, “Main One” is currently Mario’s least song so, the song has also spotted Lil Wayne as one of the most featured rappers in 2023 without a new album.

Checking out Lil Wayne’s 2023 songs and features then you will see that he has been getting more features this year. His new collaboration with Mario and Tyga has been updated on his 2023 compilation list. You might to see new Lil Wayne songs.

As for Tyga, he just announced his collaboration with Saweetie and YG for their North American ‘Str8 To The Klub’ your. However, Tyga has been doing great this year also. His last song we updated was “West Coast Weekend.” A song featuring both Blxst and YG.

You can watch West Coast Weekend music video but before that, check out Lil Wayne and Tyga’s song featuring Mario. Also, don’t fail to let us know what you think about this song.

If there will be a new album from the “Let Me Love You” hitmaker, then we will let you all know about that as soon as possible.