Lil Wayne 2022 songs

Lil Wayne 2022 Songs Compilation – Stream

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After having a successful 2021 with so many collaborations with other rappers, Lil Wayne continues to rise like a phoenix. Lil Wayne might be slow in dropping new albums but all you need to know is he is a consistent hip hop rapper that never gets his fans on the cold side, he always hit them up with external collaboration. It’s 2022 and Amahiphop has proceeded in compiling Lil Wayne 2022 songs.

In this post, you can be able to stream all the songs from Lil Wayne. All Lil Wayne 2022 songs will be updated on this page just we have been doing for the last three years. Refreshing the previous compilations, you can check out Lil Wayne 2021 songs compilation which was one of the top compilations on Amahiphop. We are giving you all access to stream new songs from Liltunechi and yet again Lil Wayne 2022 has started just like we mentioned.

What is new. Well, there are new songs we have gotten from the rapper. Lil Wayne recent collaborations it fire. Just after his remix with Papoose Thought I Was Gonna Stop. There are new songs that the rapper has been featured on and below are all the songs. Please note that this compilation will continue till December 31 of 2022. We courage you to save this page link for easy access to Lil Wayne 2022 songs.

Special note: This is a collection of Lil Wayne songs from those who have featured since this year. If Lil Wayne new album, the album will be updated on this page. Meanwhile, all you are having is his album, mixtape, standalone and featured songs as well.

Stream latest Lil Wayne songs based on 2022

Bleu Snappin, Lil Rome, Cameras and Anti-Hero are also a new song that was updated on Lil Wayne’s Sorry 4 Wait mixtape. The mixtape was officially released in 2011. Lil Wayne later announced that a new Sorry 4 Wait will be dropping soon. He didn’t reveal the real date. He this notice a week ago although the mixtape has been released just a few days back. So what’s new here. The song on the mixtape remains but new tracks are added to the tape. About four tracks are Bleu Snappin, Lil Rome, Cameras and Anti-Hero. These songs are part of Lil Wayne’s 2022 songs and you can stream them below. You can also check the full mixtape.

Bleu Snappin

Lil Rome


“Thought I Was Gonna Stop Remix”

Papoose feat Lil Wayne 2022 songs

Papoose was totally serious last year and did work hard in getting Lil Wayne on a track. One of his standouts song who Thought I Was Gonna Stop. That featured Lil Wayne but earlier this month Papoose put out the second version of the track featuring both Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Busta Rhymes and Remy Ma. That was the cool selection and Lil Wayne re-earned his attention from Papoose for the second time. To stream the first track, check it out on Lil Wayne’s 2021 songs compilation. Listen to Thought I Was Gonna Stop Remix below.

“I Heard You’re Married”

Lil Wayne 2022 song i heard you are married

A great thank you to The Weeknd DAWN FM album, one of the 2022 albums you should be streaming right now. The Weeknd released his new 2022 album just this month and some traditional artists gave the album a huge push. Lil Wayne was able to get on the album through the I Heard You’re Married track. This is the second song we saw the Young Money boss just after his Papoose links up. This is all about The Weeknd DAWN FM and he did get Lil Wayne to assist at the same time added as part of Lil Wayne 2022 songs.


Ay is a song by Machine Gun Kelly’s album which is called Mainstream Sellout. The song featured Lil Wayne and it is the first collaboration they had since this year.


Latto new album don’t only featured Lil Durk who’s 2022 songs compilation is on amahiphop, but Latto’s new album 777 also featured Lil Wayne and more. Listening to Sunshines below then it’s obvious Lil Wayne really assisted on the track.

This is not the first time Jack and Wayne have worked together. Jack Harlow has released his new album which only featured four artists, Lil Wayne, Drake, Timberland and Pharrell on Come Home the Kids Miss You album. Poisson is where Lil Wayne is featured on.