Lil Baby “It’s Only Me” Music Videos – Watch

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Just like we said, Lil Baby It’s Only Me music videos will be compiled here on Aswehiphop. It involve all the music videos from Lil Baby’s new album It’s Only Me which you can stream here. Having compiled DJ Khaled “God Did videos” and YG’s “I Got Issues videos”, below you watch Lil Baby new music videos for this year especially from his new album.

Lil Baby 2022 Music Videos

In A Minute

After getting featured on Nicki Minaj “Do We Have A Problem” music video and also with Polo G’s “Don’t Play” music video, and 2 Chainz’s “Kingpen Ghostwriter” video, Lil Baby then release his first video In A Minute for his new album.

Right On

Right On is also one of the videos on Lil Baby’s new album. It was released the same day with In A Minute video. Watch it below.


Lil Baby has really gotten amazing music videos since this year. Before he released his new album, he has already get featured on both external music videos like “2Step” from Ed Sheeran and also a video from Indian Artist Badshah and J. Balvin on “Voodoo.” But Frozen is a music video from his new album.


Lil Baby 2022 video are much and we have it all here. Is either you watch his featured videos using the links we provide on this post or you can still watch his It’s Only Me videos. U-Digg is one of the video the album. He featured 42 Dugg and Veeze. You can watch the video below.


Before he released Detox official video, he made appearance as a featured rapper on Gucci Mane “All De Chainz” video and also on DJ Khaled “Staying Alive” visual which also featured Drake. Watch Detox video below.


One the rapper Lil Baby featured on his new album was Future. Both are good collaborators and have worked together over and over again. Heyy which featured and both also shot the video.

California Breez

One of the best music videos from Lil Baby this year is California Breez. After releasing album, he had to keep promoting it and California Breeze video has doing pretty well for him.

Stand On It

Stand On It is also one of the music videos Lil Baby is using to promote his new album. He released it after California Breeze. Watch below.

This page might get updated with more new videos from Lil Baby, always check back.