Ice Spice Approves of Doja Cat Weird Photos

Ice Spice Approves of Doja Cat Weird Photos

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In a recent spree of playful trolling, Doja Cat is keeping her fans entertained with a series of quirky images that some might describe as “Doja Cat weird photos”. However, not everyone is a fan of her unconventional antics.

While these outlandish photos might have caused some followers to take their leave, Ice Spice is thoroughly enjoying the show.

Sharing the peculiar “Doja Cat weird photos” on her Instagram account on Monday (August 21), the Los Angeles native showcased herself in peculiar poses.

Overlaying the images with dynamic graphics reminiscent of a vintage MySpace post from 2006, she kept her followers guessing with her creative antics.

Amidst her playful endeavors, Doja Cat is gearing up for her inaugural arena tour, set to kick off later this year. The highly anticipated Scarlet Tour will feature not only Doja Cat herself but also the presence of Ice Spice and Doechii.

The North American leg of the tour commences on Halloween (October 31) in San Francisco, spanning 24 dates with stops in various cities including Las Vegas, Denver, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Brooklyn, Boston, Detroit, Toronto, and concluding in Chicago on December 13.

While Doja Cat prepares for the release of her upcoming project, succeeding her 2021 chart-topper “Planet Her,” she’s been gradually unveiling new material. Following the release of the teaser single “Attention” in June, she recently dropped her latest track, “Paint The Town Red.”

The official music video for the song embraces provocative and occult imagery, fueling online speculation about associations with the Illuminati and other mystic elements.

Dancing with the Grim Reaper, riding a goat-like mythosaur, and posing with meat-shaped objects resembling human flesh, Doja Cat clearly delights in pushing artistic boundaries.

Within the track’s lyrics, she appears to address criticism and life choices head-on, asserting her independence with lines like, “Yeah, bitch, I said what I said / I’d rather be famous instead / I let all that get to my head / I don’t care, I paint the town red.”

Notably, she overlays this bold statement on a chopped-and-screwed sample of Dionne Warwick’s classic “Walk On By,” resonating with fans of both old and new R&B.

Amidst her artistic exploration, Doja Cat has also candidly shared her feelings about losing a substantial number of followers recently.

Expressing relief, she acknowledged the cleansing effect this had on her online presence, enabling her to connect more genuinely with those who appreciate her true self.