New Music: Jermaine Dupri Shares New Single ‘This Lil Game We Play’ with Nelly, Ashanti & Juicy J

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As the week is about to an end, here is a brand new single from Jermaine Dupri featuring more solid starts named Nelly, Ashanti and Juicy J on the song titled This Lil Game We Play.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss this particular one after being one of these songs where four artists joined forces for a hit.

As for the song. This Lil Game We Play, to most folks they expected the single to lose grip after if was officially announced last year. Although we waited for it now ‘This Lil Game We Play’ is out for streaming.

“Yo, what’s up yall,” said the 51-year-old as he paused the music and speak to the camera. “I’m in here trynna get this mix done, on my new record featuring Nelly, Ashanti, and Juicy J… It’s an EP [I’m putting out] on Mass Appeal. The first single was with me and Jacquees called ‘Pick It Up.’ This gon’ be the second song. That’s what we on today.”

On a special note, Nelly and Ashanti are interestingly getting along with their love journey. Making it more spicy, Jermaine has linked them up again just after their 2008 collaboration called Body On Me.

Listen to This Lil Game We Play feat. Jermaine Dupri, Juicy J, Nelly and Ashanti.