Kid Cudi Alchemist Joint album

Kid Cudi and Alchemist Confirms they Might do a Joint Album

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Fans aof Kid Cudi and Alchemist are really hoping for a new  joint album from the two artists and the expectation has become so high after Kid Cudi replied a fan who indirectly requested  the he should hit the studio  with Alchemist.

In the conversation  that happened on twitter, after Kid Cudi replied the fan who is suggesting  that the two artists  should do a joint album, Alchemist got into the conversation  some hours later and also gave a positive  reply that shows the possibility of the two artists hitting the studio together.

On Friday (November 10), Kid Cudi replied a fan’s statement that reads “boom bap Cudi >>>,” referencing his Man on the Moon 2 track “The End.” Cudi saw the statement interesting  amd them gave the twitter user a reply saying “Wheres @Alchemist when u need him man!!! Lets do a album FUCK.”

This took some hours after the initial conversation between Kid Cudi and the twitter user, Alchemist saw the post  and then dropped a reply that has made fans to start hoping  for an album project  from the them.

“long overdue! They dont know we go back! im getting your # from [Jason] Goldwatch asap.” Alchemist wrote, meanwhile,  this is not going to be the first joint album the producer and the singer is doing together, Kid Cudi, along with some other artists  like Blu, Evidence and Talib Kweli joined in The Alchemist’s 2008 song “Therapy.”

This not really going to be a difficult task for the both artist to do a music project together, Alchemist has really done a lot of collaborative music projects with a lot of artists like “Freddie Gibbs, Prodigy, Action Bronson, Curren$y, Larry June and Boldy James.” So fans are really expecting a new project any time soon.