Kid Cudi Calls Off Moon Man’s Landing Festival, But Unveils ‘Great News’ for Devoted Fans!”

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Kid cudi
Kid cudi

Disappointed Kid Cudi fans can smile again.

Fans of Kid Cudi received unfavorable news concerning the highly anticipated event organized by Kid Cudi and his team. 

The Moon Man landing festival was held was canceled on June 27 when the rapper posted it via his Twitter account.  He disclosed that the venue of the event which is his hometown wasn’t approved by the city. 

Furthermore, he stated that he still plans to host the event and has already made plans to have the festival in a local arena. 

However, the date of his show has not been announced yet but the rapper also promised that next year’s moon man landing will be outside. 

In a long Twitter post, he wrote “…Instead of canceling the whole thing, I decided to have it at the arena because I still wanted to bring something cool to the city, but I knew you guys weren’t feeling it,” he wrote. “Don’t even trip !! Here’s the good news. Im bringing back the fest next year hopefully w some of the same lineups and it will be an outdoor venue.”

Justin M. Bing, the Mayor of Cleveland has also offered to lend a hand for next year’s festivities so that is also a win-win for the rapper and his fans. 

Refunds are expected to roll in soon but information has been released concerning the stipulated date. 

In a previous post-Cudi reminisced about festivals, he attended in Cleveland.

He wants to recreate the same memories for his fans.  In the post,  he wrote:

“elevate the whole experience of coming to Cleveland.”

That is definitely worth the wait. 


Meanwhile, Kid Cudi has gotten a lot of nicknames from his fans in the history of his music career, but this time, his fans gave him another name that he clearly rejected and wish not to be called.

Kid Cudi made this clear to his fan in his Twitter post where he wrote that he would not accept any genius titles that his fans have thrown at him.