Kendrick Lamar 2023 Songs & Features
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If you’re searching for Kendrick Lamar‘s songs and features in 2023, it’s important to note that K. Dot has been relatively inactive in releasing new singles. However, Aswehiphop is committed to keeping Kendrick Lamar’s new studio work updated. On this page, we will provide a list of Kendrick Lamar’s latest songs.

The last time we compiled Kendrick Lamar’s songs and features was in 2019, which was before his 2022 album “Mr Morale & The Big Steppers.” As of now, Lamar has not announced any follow-up to his most recent album. While we eagerly await new releases, here are some songs that have surfaced this year.

Since Kendrick Lamar’s album “DAMN,” he has been collaborating with various artists. In 2021, he joined forces with Baby Keem on two songs: “Vent” and “Range Brothers.” If you still haven’t heard these tracks or want to explore more of Kendrick Lamar’s past songs, they are worth checking out.

Please keep in mind that this page will continue to be updated with Kendrick Lamar’s new songs, albums, and more. So make sure to check back regularly for updates. The songs listed below are the only ones Kendrick has officially released or been featured on. However, we want to clarify that there was a reported song called “Crooked & ‘Burn,” attributed to Kendrick Lamar, that surfaced online. Nevertheless, we are not including that particular compilation in this list.

Kendrick Lamar 2023 Songs and Features:

  • “The Hillbillies”
  • “It’s Alive (Pyrex)”

“The Hillbilies”:
On the 30th of May 2023, following their collaboration on America Has A Problem, Kendrick Lamar made a notable appearance alongside Beyoncé. Today, a fresh Kendrick Lamar feature has surfaced online, titled “The Hillbillies”. However, this song is actually by Baby Keem, with Kendrick Lamar (K. Dot) lending his talents. The captivating beat for the track was skillfully crafted by EVILGIANE. Notably, the music video for “The Hillbillies” is directed by Neal Farmer, perfectly capturing the essence of the song..

On May 19th, Beyoncé collaborated with Kendrick Lamar for a remix of one of the songs from her “Renaissance” album, released in 2022. “AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM” is among the 16 tracks on Beyoncé’s album. Recently, Queen Bey released the remix of the song featuring Kendrick Lamar.

“It’s Alive”:
Currently, this specific song is not available on streaming platforms. It was reported to be a song from 2013 for an advertisement. It features Dre and Kendrick Lamar but was never officially released that year. Although the song has been circulating without widespread knowledge, it surfaced online a few days ago. The song is titled “It’s Alive” or “Pyrex.”