Kanye West to Revive Donda Academy.

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Kenye’s Donda Academy has been temporary down and the rapper is working on reviving it but it’s going to be on a new location this time.

Meanwhile information has it that he is planning on changing the location from the initial place to California and he wants to collaborate with a California church for that.

Kanye West is currently seeking help from the Pastor Ronald Nagin of Cornerstone Christian Church to assist him by releasing some empty space in the Northridge, California church so that he can start up the Donda Academy again.

According to some reports, they are really making good success in their agreement follow the statements made by the Nagin in an interview concerning the request from the rapper “Kanye West”.

According to him, he noted that “Kanye West believes that the Cornerstone Christian Church is a prime location in San Fernando Valley will be a nice place to the reestablishment of the Donda Academy as it will provide enough space for classroom and other basic amenities.

The Cornerstone Christian Church also reviewed that he has had three face to face meeting with Kanye west and with the look of things, their deals is really going smoothly as they are preparing see agreement book with their lawyers.

Meanwhile the set back that happened in the academy which results to the closing of the school for the remainder of the 2022-2023 school year was due to the highly publicized anti-Semitic remarks from Kanye West.

This actually caused the school basketball team to be denied entry into two national high school basketball tournaments which was really bad for the student and as things continue going that way, the school principal has not other alternative than to  send a closing email to the students parents.