Kanye west missing

Kanye West Business Partner Declares Rapper Missing

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Kanye West has been silent for some while now and it’s quite notable. But not really that Ye is missing but he has taken his break after so much drama last year. In 2022, Kanye West faced a lot of backslashes and this 2023 he is temporarily abstaining from social media.

However, his going radio silent might have affected his offline presence since one of his business, his business manager who lse name is Thomas St. John declared YE is missing. He posted it on his Twitter account which attracted a lot of attention.

Kanye West since his last interview, the rapper has not touched social media and it’s well felt since then. However, Kanye West missing online is a sign of no trouble in 2023 but his fans are missing his online presence.

But as of late, some fans has confirmed that the Hitler lover was seen heading to church. Just on his normal appearance, wearing his cap. His latest offline appearance come on board after the rapper was rumored missing.

Below we have shared Kanye West new look as the rapper was reported on his way to church. He was putting on army jacket, basketball cap with other people surrounding him. Though fans are still not sure about Kanye West whereabout. And many have been questioning YE is still alive.

Kanye West since his suprises mute online especially, there are some rappers who have represented him. NBA YoungBoy has told YE You Strong while Akon has also given his support about some of Knaye West opinions.

The Game has also called him his dog. Of course, his relationship with Kanye West can’t be denined. Kanye West for some weeks now, he has been rare online since his Twitter account got suspended by Elon Musk.

Below are some reactions about Kanye West Missing rumour.