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Jim Jones Mentioned Favorite Artist ”Pusha T” Wows Fans

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Jim Jones has wowed his fans after choosing his favorite artist, Jim Jones Mentioned favorite artist to be pusha T at Drink Champs, after N.O.R.E and Smoke Champs Gang asked him to choose between pusha and No Malice.

This happened on 12th of august being Saturday during the just concluded Drink Champ, where Jim Jones was their guest and  N.O.R.E and Smoke Champ Gang were the hosts.

During the show, they were able to discuss a lot of things concerning the rapper’s music career and all that he has been able to achieve with his fame and influences.

Meanwhile, fans were surprised after Jim Jones mentioned favorite artist to be pusha T following the fact that the two artists have not been in good terms for a while now.

The Diss between Jim Jones and pusha T came to the notice of their fans earlier this  year, after Jim Jones started a rap feud with Pusha T, although there have not been any response from king push since then.

Despite the fact that  Pusha T has not responded to the Rap feud from Jim Jones, their fans believe that something is wrong despite that Jim Jones mentioned favorite artist to be king pusha.

Although, Jim Jones seems like he doesn’t want to settle the misunderstanding between him and king Pusha following the fact that he reviewed that he is still waiting for pusha’s response diss.

Jones told N.O.R.E not to celebrate yet after he choose Pusha T as his favorite artist, but he didn’t fail to complement his hard works and impacts in the rap industry.

“Shout out to Pusha T, [a] very dope artist everybody knows he’s a monster when it comes to music I can’t take nothing away from him” Jim Jones said at the Drink Champ.