Songwriters Hall of Fam honour

Jay Z Says He Desearves Being First Rapper to get Songwriters Hall of Fam

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Rapper “Jay Z” is currently reflecting on some of his wonderful achievements  in the rap game and has been able to mark out those awards amd achievements thay he truly deserves  especially becoming the first rapper to get Songwriters Hall of Fam honour.

During  his recent talk show this week which actually took place at the Brooklyn Public Library in New York City, Jay Z clearly  stated  some of the strugg they passed through  in the music industry and how long it took before hip hop is been taken as a legitimate art form by some music heads.

“For a while, they would just dismiss rap as this fad or this noise [with] people just screaming over beats, not that we needed the validation, but it was like we want the validation ’cause we deserve it.” Jay Z clearly stated at the CBS Mornings.

Meanwhile, he didn’t give up because, according him, they didn’t need their validations, and later on in the year 2017, Jay Z  became the first  rapper the be honoured with Songwriters Hall of Fam.

In the recent interview,  some of the unknown  facts about Jay Z  is now open for interested people to know, starting from Brooklyn’s Marcy Projects to global stardom and how he was able to achieve and be honoured with the Hall of Fame songwriter and performer.

Meanwhile, other important informations  that  are revealed in the interview include his journal of becoming  a successful business person and a consequential philanthropist.

Jay  also built his own studio “Baseline Studios” where he made some of his great music projects such as The Blueprint and The Black Album., looking  at his achievements, it could be why he revealed  he can only meaning  song now if he want to go back to recording new songs.