Illuminati Rappers And Their Illuminati Claims With No Proof

Illuminati Rappers And Their Illuminati Claims With No Proof

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There has been a lot of Illuminati rappers ever since Prodigy boldly declared…

“Illuminati want my mind, soul, and my body”, In 1995.

However, In courtesy of LL Cool J‘s “I Shot Ya (Remix)”. The presence of this secret society has become an ever recurring theme in hip-hop.

Furthermore, This conspiracy theory has further sparked debates and rumors about the Illuminati’s alleged influence on rappers’ careers and how deep their connection to a New World Order is.

Whether the Illuminati’s existence is a reality or a myth. Series of rappers have hinted at their association with this well-known mysterious group.

Despite the lack of concrete proof, famously known figures like Rick Ross, Bhad Bhabie, and Vic Mensa have publicly claimed their ties to the Illuminati.

In a very peculiar revelation on April 20, Rick Ross casually admitted that he is truly in  affiliation with the secret society. While testing radio-controlled airplanes with Jay Kujan, as captured in a YouTube video.

Ross confidently stated…

“I’m in Illuminati”.

Also, Bhad Bhabie, known for her outspoken persona. Asserted in March 2018 that the Illuminati played a crucial role in her success.

Moreover, She dismissed attributing her achievements to conventional factors, stating in a YouTube video…

“My success isn’t just because of my red hair, hard work, exceptional rapping abilities. It is me joining the Illuminati”.

While, Vic Mensa took a creative approach to express his alleged involvement in the Illuminati. In his 2018 single, “Heir to the Throne (Freestyle)”.

Where he claimed that signing the secret society’s contract secured a feature from Kanye West and elevated his prominence.

The words from his lyrics goes like this…

“I just signed a deal with the Illuminati. That’s how I got the Ye feature and got super poppin’ “.

Although, These claims, lack of evidence leaves assertions in the realm of speculation.

Notably, other rappers have incorporated Illuminati references into their lyrics, which has further fueled the conspiracy theory.

Meek Mill, Future, Royce 5’9, Joyner Lucas, and more have woven Illuminati-related themes into their songs.

The intrigue around Illuminati claims continues, with rapper Sexyy Red adding a humorous twist.

During an Instagram Live session, she playfully declared her affiliation with the Illuminati. Emphasizing the financial benefits but clarifying it as a joke.

Additionally, In a landscape where symbolism and mystique often intertwine with reality. The question of whether Illuminati rappers claims are genuine remains unanswered.

As rappers navigate the complexities of fame. Their references to secret societies continue to captivate audiences, leaving room for speculation and interpretation.

Other Illuminati Rappers Claims.

Playboi Carti Song: “Control”


“The Illuminati owns part of me”

Meek Mill Song: “From Da Bottom” featuring Guordan Banks

Lyrics: “I’m dancing with the Illuminati, call it Soul Train”

Meek Mill Future Song: “New Illuminati”

Lyrics: “We the new Illuminati/We the new Illuminati”

Royce 5’9″ Song: “Layers” featuring Pusha T and Rick Ross

Lyrics: “I live by a code of demonic, Illuminati, Obama, Hovanomics”

Royce 5’9″ Joyner Lucas Song: “Look Alive (Remix)”

Lyrics: “I’ve been sent here from Illuminati/Evil scriptures written on my body”

Gucci Mane Song: “Supa Cocky”

Lyrics: “I’m down with Illuminati/Say your sorry, beg your pardon”

Yeat Song: “Narcoticz”

Lyrics: “Yeah, close one eye, I’m Illuminati (Illuminati)”

Vic Mensa Song: “Heir to the Throne (Freestyle)”

Lyrics: “I just signed a deal with the Illuminati/That’s how I got the Ye feature and got super poppin’ “

Blac Youngsta Song: “New Guwop”

Lyrics: “Rest in peace to Whitney, one time for Bobby/I just joined the Illuminati (gang gang)”

Duckwrth Song: “Tamagotchi”

Lyrics: “I sold my soul to Illuminati/For a White chick in a new Ferrari”

Jarren Benton Song: “Problem”

Lyrics: “B-b-b-b-b***h I just joined the Illuminati”

Hopsin Song: “Sag My Pants”

Lyrics: “I’m just an idiotic, ironic, symbolic, Illuminatic product/That’s gonna be killed if I talk about it (Shhh!)”