LL Cool J's Comment On Inactive Rappers

LL Cool J’s Comment On Inactive Rappers

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JAY-Z was not the target for LL Cool J’s comment about inactive rappers, as he clarified by an attendee of LL’s F.O.R.C.E Tour in Houston.

During the performance, LL Cool J had urged rappers to stop damaging their legacies and get back on stage. Speculation arose that the comment might be directed at Jay-Z, given their history.

However, a user on Twitter shared insights from the show, explaining that LL Cool J’s comment was referring to Jahlil from the group Whodini, whom he had attempted to invite for the tour but declined. This clarification sheds light on the context of LL Cool J’s comments.

While  LL Cool J has been celebrating the 50-year anniversary of Hip Hop throughout 2023, Jay-Z has taken a different path.

Jay-Z launched the “Book of HOV” exhibition at the Brooklyn Public Library, showcasing a vast collection of artifacts from his professional life, including original recording masters, photos, awards, and more.

Despite past rumors of tension between LL Cool J and Jay-Z, their relationship remains complex.

Notably, Jay-Z’s reference to becoming the “next stop is the billy” in a 2007 remix prompted a response from LL Cool J.

However, both artists have indicated a willingness to work things out and maintain respect for each other’s legacies.