Drake Kendrick Lamar

Fans expect Drake championship-worthy Kendrick Lamar replay.

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Some fans believe that Drake has made a strong indication that a rebuttal to Kendrick Lamar is forthcoming.

Drizzy posted a picture of what seemed to be a locker room’s interior on his Instagram Stories over the weekend.

The Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, which is awarded annually to the NBA Finals victor, was sitting on a bench with a pen and notebook next to it.

Many fans interpreted the photo to suggest that Drake was preparing an award-winning reaction, as he hasn’t addressed Kendrick’s recent jabs at him and J. Cole on Future and Metro Boomin’s “Like That,” save for a vague remark at a concert.

One person chuckled, “Drake making a championship diss aimed at kdot,” after the Story was reposted on No Jumper.

“He’s going to murder Kendrick,” said a second.

Some bystanders joked about Drake’s historical ghostwriter controversy, with one speculating that the picture was of “his ghost writers notebook.”

J. Cole just responded to the Compton rapper on his song “7 Minute Drill,” but it appears that he is reconsidering. It is unclear if the 6 God will address Kendrick on tape.

Cole apologised for the song’s release during his Sunday, April 7, Dreamville Festival performance.