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Dababy posts a video of a female fan “assaulting” him sexually.

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Over the years, DaBaby has undoubtedly had his fair share of peculiar fan interactions. However, he just posted a video of fan that was equally weird, intrusive, and disturbing.

The North Carolina rapper uploaded a video on Instagram on Sunday, April 7, with the remark, “Just got tried at the petrol station.”

It depicts a woman approaching him as he drives. She requests a photo from him before expressing her want to “fuckin’ fuck you,” taking hold of his crotch while sitting in his lap.

After she departs, a shocked DaBaby comments, “She sexually assaulted me.” Watch the video down below.

Given that he named the post, “Anything for you auntie,” the rapper ultimately seems more perplexed than offended by the encounter.


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DaBaby hasn’t just been having problems at petrol stations lately. He had an issue at a smoking shop last month.

In a video filmed during an Instagram Live, the rapper known as “Suge” visited an undisclosed tobacco shop and confronted the proprietor regarding items bearing his image.

In the video, he remarked, “Man, we gotta talk about this.” “What’s this, my friend? I must have my %, then. I should get one free of charge, or something!

He pointed out that the proprietor ought to give him “$4.99,” or 10 percent of each transaction, after learning that one such piece of accoutrements was selling for $49.99. The shopkeeper agreed.