Drake Bfb Da album


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Drake has learned that he won’t be making an appearance on Bfb Da Packman’s upcoming album, Forget Me Not. It looks like his participation was taken out of the song “Olympic Shit Talkin’.”

The sad news was disclosed by Complex in a post on X, the platform that was formerly known as Twitter, on Thursday, March 28.

Their post stated, “Drake will NOT be on Bfb Da Packman’s album tonight.” It appears that his feature on “OLYMPIC SH*T TALKIN” has been deleted. In certain areas, the song has already been released sans his verse.

Drake earlier expressed his support for Bfb Da Packman’s efforts in 2022.

The comedian from Flint, Michigan, who is well-known for his lighthearted rhymes and conversational style, was sharing updates about his weight-loss quest on social media, and it seems like the 6 God was following along.

Drake, a die-hard gym goer, recently gave BfB Da Packman some extra inspiration to work out by giving the 27-year-old rapper a pair of his highly sought-after NOCTA Nike Air Force 1.

Packman can be seen unwrapping a parcel that was sent to his flat and going crazy when he discovers it’s a surprise care gift from Drizzy in a video that he posted to his Lunch Crew YouTube channel back in December.

The shoe box had a brand-new pair of his all-white sneakers along with a note from Drake that said, “To Packman, I hope you enjoy the gift.” More significantly, I wish you luck as you continue to lose weight. Go on, young one. – The young man.

“Dude, did you get these from Drake?” Packman snapped to attention, then laughed out loud. “Hey! Drake is the source of this shit, n-gga! Do you sense me? I’m lit, Bitch! What are you talking about? I feel like a capless Lil Yachty. You can’t tell me stuff, n-gga!