Kendrick Lamar Schools Producer in Epic Studio Jam Session, Serving Up Fresh Musical Fire!

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Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The singer has gone back to the studio to cook and serve nice jams. However, while he is busy with work, he hasn’t forgotten to have fun on the side.  

The rapper shared videos of himself and producer Scott Bridgeway as they chill in a tour bus recording studio. 

In the video,  the Grammy Award-winning rapper joked with his producer making fun of him for wearing a bonnet. 

He said,“That n-gga jumped out the bunk with the Yvette! Yvette!” 

“That n-gga jumped out the bunk with the Baby Boy, the Yvette on.”

He didn’t stop there,  Kendrick posted another video of his producer working on a beat. His eyes fixed on his laptop, the video captured a selfie of him with a face peel. 

Kendrick Lamar and Scott Bridgeway have worked closely on numerous projects. He produced on projects like The Melodic Blue, released in 2022 and he also produced the track ” We did it Kid” on Kanye’s Donda 2 album. 

He has also worked with Offset and Tanya Leone, just to mention a few. 

Kendrick Lamar’s hidden Instagram account was discovered earlier this month after previously being kept private.

Meanwhile, Kendrick Lamar’s private account has been discovered. The account which contents includes photos and selfies of inspirational figures such as Michael Jackson and 2pac has gathered 600,000 followers since the time of its discovery. 

The rapper is still making waves with his latest release in June “The Hillbillies” featuring his cousin Keen. 

On YouTube,  the track’s music video has amassed 7 million views. 

The track’s accompanying music video, which boasts over seven million views on YouTube. 

Released after teaming up with Beyonce on the remix of ” America Has A Problem”, his new single isn’t doing badly at all. 

His ever-supportive fans are eager to vibe to his new project.