Glorilla Throws Up Gang Signs in Photo with Fivio Foreign

Glorilla Throws Up Gang Signs in Photo with Fivio Foreign

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GloRilla throws up gang signs in a picture with Fivio Foreign. However, she addressed the criticism she faced on social media for it.

Over the weekend, the CMG rapper GloRilla throws up gang signs while hanging out with the Brooklyn drill artist.

Although, GloRilla later clarified on Facebook (September 16) that she didn’t understand the significance of the sign. In her defence, she said that she thought Fivio Foreign was asking her to represent his gang.

“I thought he was telling me to throw up his gang; I did not know what it meant until after we took the picture,” GloRilla explained.

Typically, those flashing these signs are associated with the Black Disciples or Gangster Disciple Killers or opposing the Gangster Disciples.

Monica, in a reposted comment on The Neighborhood Talk, explained that she avoids confusion by sticking to well-understood gestures. These gestures includes that of flipping the bird or using the peace sign, depending on the context.

She wrote…

“That’s why I don’t throw up sh*t but the middle finger we all clear on it’s meaning oh and the peace sign on good days.”

Some fans questioned how GloRilla didn’t realize the meaning behind the sign. One commenter said…

“Now when they let them GD’s in the doe while you performing don’t say nothing,” while another added, “How you so hood but didn’t know you was throwing down GD… girl you knew!”

Despite the backlash, Plies expressed support for GloRilla following a recent revelation she made about her romantic life. The rapper co-signed her candid statement, highlighting the need for more openness from women.

In August, he tweeted…

“We Need To Protect Big Glo!!!! I Swea.”

GloRilla initially shared her perspective on relationships, stating that she may not be the person to vent to about problems but was always available for a good time.