Cardi B Claims She's Hunted by a Ghost with Amorous Intentions

Cardi B Claims She’s Hunted by a Ghost with Amorous Intentions

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Cardi B claims she’s hunted by a ghost. She recently shared this news in a spine-tingling encounter on her Instagram Live. revealing her belief to be true.

In her own words, Cardi B claims she’s hunted by a ghost in her Los Angeles mansion. She also said that it wants to sexually torment her whenever Offset, her husband, isn’t around.

She began her eerie account, saying…

“I start hearing like a fly sound. Bro, I haven’t been able to find the fly,” and even attempted to locate it with a spatula”.

However, her story takes a supernatural twist. This happened when she hears mysterious sounds in her hallway, resembling someone talking on the phone.

Cardi, visibly unnerved, summoned one of her security guards inside the house to investigate.

Astonishingly, the sound vanished upon their arrival. She became convinced that her mansion is haunted. And her main concern is that this ghost appears to be specifically targeting her.

She elaborated…

“Because when Offset is in this house, nothing ever happens, but when I’m alone it always wanna fuck with me.”

Cardi even suggested that the ghost’s intentions might be amorous, saying…

,”I feel like if I sleep, the fucking ghost is gonna finger pop me because, bitch, the n-gga wants me.”

She expressed her disorientation while alone in the house with this ghost, speculating that the entity is seeking intimacy with her. Cardi B mentioned that the house in Los Angeles consistently has a peculiar atmosphere compared to her residences in Atlanta and New York, where she has not experienced such encounters.

The unnerving experiences have left her contemplating staying in a hotel to escape the ghostly advances. This haunted house in Los Angeles stands in stark contrast to her romantic anniversary celebration with Offset in Atlanta earlier in September.

Offset surprised her with a heartfelt gesture, filling their home with red and pink roses, lit candles, and romantic R&B music. The couple shared affectionate posts on Instagram, celebrating their love and appreciation for each other.

While Cardi B faces this mysterious ghost torment in Los Angeles, her love for Offset and their enduring bond continue to shine in their relationship, transcending the supernatural.