Cardi B to go off Social media

Cardi B Announces that she will go Off Social Media for Some Time

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The female rapper “Cardi B ” has revealed  hat she will be going  offline  for some tim due to some negative  energy she has been  getting from social media lately  from some crazy fans.

After giving  this a clear thought,  she decided to stay off social media for some period of time as that would help reduce  all the negativity  that she has been facing  on the platform as a result of spending most of her time there.

The female rapper “Cardi B” took tobhwr twitter handle on Wednesday (September 20), and talked about the negative  energy she has been getting from the people on social media and how they are going  to make her go crazy.

“I feel like people on social media are fucking crazy and bananas, and I feel like they gonna drive me crazy,” Cardi B said during her twitter space stream.

Following  her statement, the kind of treatment she and statements she has been getting  from some of the people on social media are really  making  her feel less of herself and she thinks  that the best  way to maintain  her class is to go offline.

“There’s a whole bunch of people that was in the fucking slow class and ya’ll not gonna muthafuckin’ make me feel like ya’ll. They ain’t gonna me me feel like them, so I just have to get the fuck off this shit.” She futher stated.

Meanwhile, in her recent  post earlier that day on Instagram, she celebrated her wedding  anniversary with her husband “Offset“.

“I love so many things about you.I love the fact that I’m with a grown ass man that’s going to provide , protect and help both of us GROW and can handle my mouth ,my attitude,my confidence my weakness and all this ASS!!”. She wrote.


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