Blueface Denies Being the Father of Chrisean Rock’s Baby

Blueface Denies Being the Father of Chrisean Rock’s Baby

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Blueface Denies Being the Father of Chrisean Rock’s Baby

Blueface is now denying he is the father of Chrisean Rock’s newborn son, despite being proven to be the dad in a paternity test.

Chrisean Jesus Malone Baby Denial Of FatherShip By Blueface

The drama never appears to stop between Blueface and Chrisean Rock. On Tuesday (Sept. 26), Blueface went on X, formerly known as Twitter, to dispute he is the biological father of Chrisean Rock’s baby boy Chrisean Jesus Malone after Rock’s former boyfriend Ronnie reportedly claimed Blueface is not the kid’s dad.

“I knew there was something off I don’t think that’s my baby that dna test was alil weird when I read it seemed fake,” Blueface typed. “I had no control over that test plus y would you have a baby in bmore when you an the ‘alleged’ father live in LA an the guy claiming the baby live in b more.”

In a follow-up tweet. Blueface shared a screenshot of a liked post by Chrisean Rock. Where an X user claimed Ronnie is actually the newborn’s dad.

“I thought I was trippin. Until I seen this…she kinda told on herself. And he is claiming the same thing as well.” Blueface captioned the post. “I think they look a lot alike more then me what do you think?”

Blueface Questions DNA Test Results

Back in August, Blueface took a DNA test to confirm the baby in Chrisean Rock’s womb was his. The moment aired on their reality show Crazy in Love. The results came out positive. However, when questioned about the appearance of the results by an X user on Tuesday, Blueface claimed something was fishy.

“I ain’t even think about that the paper was folded up an beat up lol Maury test ain’t never look like that,” Blueface tweeted.

“I’m free,” he added, seemingly elated to skate his parental responsibilities. “This the best news I got all year.”