Offset Surprised Cardi B with Romantic Anniversary Gift

Offset Surprised Cardi B with Romantic Anniversary Gift

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On their sixth wedding anniversary, Offset surprised Cardi B in a very romantic fashion. The former Migos rapper took to his page on Instagram to share photos of Cardi B.

The photo revealed that Cardi B was surrounded by a sea of red and pink roses and other flowers. This was done at their Atlanta home.

There were also tall white candles which were lit in candelabras. In addition to this, R&B music played softly in the background.

In the caption, Offset surprised Cardi B as he expressed his love and appreciation for her. He stated how she made him a better man and that he feels blessed to have a her. He praised her for being his safe place in this crazy world. And also for believing in him even when he sometimes doubts himself.


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However, Cardi B responded with a very loving comment. She stated that she would “ride for” him. Also, she expressed her gratitude for the beautiful flowers, empowerment and protection. In doing this, she further acknowledged his role as a great father to their children, while listing all the things that she loves about him. She included his attention to detail in understanding her likes, from favorite colors to favorite foods.

The couple got married in September 2017 after a short courtship and now have two children together, a daughter whose name is Kulture and a son named Wave.

Cardi B previously filed for a divorce in September 2020 but she later withdrew the filing, citing that Offset had shown a willingness to change for the sake of their family. She acknowledged the challenges that they both faced but also highlighted his commitment to making things right.

This beautiful and romantic surprise on Cardi B and Offset anniversary is a testament to their enduring love and overall commitment to one another.

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