Quavo Releases New Album ‘Rocket Power’: Stream

Quavo Reveals 2023 Album and Plans

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It’s all good that Quavo is officially working on a new album. Quavo’s plan for this year 2023 is mainly for his late Migos resident rapper who was shot to death in 2022.

He has faced a lot of challenges since Takeoff’s death meanwhile, trying to get back on his feet can’t be done in a single moment. Quavo is seriously taking his time in making sure he provides something that will likely be in a tribute to Takeoff.

Having said all that, Quavo’s 2023 plans include releasing a brand-new album titled Rocket Power and it will be a tribute project for Takeoff. He also plan going on a tour though not with Offset

Quavo, from his Aswehiphop 2023 songs and features compilation, has gotten a few features with some singles he released ahead of the new album which he announced on his Instagram account.

Without even being told about Quavo’s plan on next project, it will definitely be an emotional album. Of course, the Migos co-member has already confirmed his next album is an emotional album titled Rocket Power.

“This album is embodying all my emotions.” He continued by saying “Through the process of healing I’ve learned to turn tragedy into triumph.”

“I had to dig deep into my purpose and find the power to keep striving.

To my fans, thanks for being patient wit me and supporting Us.

To my FAMILY, even when times get hard we kno our MAIN mission is to keep the Rocket name ALIVE

TIL INFINITY #RocketPower 8/4/23”

It is well noted about the release date of the “Rocket Power” album. Just next month 4th, Quavo’s new album since Takeoff’s death will get released. However, he didn’t share more information on if there will be guest features on the album.

Sure, it is a solo album and has nothing to do with Offset or Migos as a rap group. All these are structured plans for Takeoff. Remember, Quavo and Offset have shared tribute songs respectively and more are still coming.

The last song Quavo released was Turn Ya Clic Up featuring Future. You can listen to this song both on Future’s 2023 songs and Features or you check out Quavo’s 2023 songs.