Watch: The Game Says He Would Have Blown Up Regardless of Signing to Dr. Dre

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The Game continues to talk about Dr. Are and what would have happened if he was or with him.

You all remember that the Eazy rapper has been treading online following his Drink Champ interview where he said so many things about a few related hip-hop rappers. Those who most have worked with him.

While he also confirmed that Kanye West has done what Dr. Are couldn’t do for in two weeks, the Compton rapper has added more trend by saying he would have blown up regardless of signing to Dr. Dre.

This is coming after his Drink Champ interview, now he moved on to Instagram live to add more salt despite how folks called him for comparing Dr. Are and Kanye West.

On Sunday, Game went on Instagram Live to address the chatter online about the comment and his earlier statement that Kanye has done more for him in the past two weeks than what Dr. Dre his entire career.

He said that although he appreciates what Dr. Dre did for him when he signed and launched his major label debut The Documentary back in 2005, he believes he would have blown up regardless, whether he was signed to Dre or not.

He also states the same for 50, saying that the New York rapper was also massively buzzing before he even aligned with Dre and Em.

The Game’s first trend was when he said Kanye West has done what Dr couldn’t in two weeks. He later said he wrote 50 Cent’s what’s up gangsta which Wack 100 also confirmed.

The Game also said he’s better than Eminem and, even ready to go on verzuz with em.

The Game later regretted dissing Jay-Z. According to what he said:

“At 42 n***** be like ‘you too old to gang bang’ oh you must not know how we do,” he said before he was confronted by one of the hosts that he was the one who said 36 was too old to be a rapper.

“Ye I f***k up, that was too early, that came from a young n*****,” he admitted age-shaming in the past. “When I was 26 and talking about a n**** who is 38 I never thought that day would come,” he added.