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The Game Says Kanye Has Done More for Him in 2 Weeks Than Dr. Dre Did His Whole Career

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The Game is the latest rapper giving his accolades and acclaim to Kanye West and he’s not shy to speak up about what Kanye best has done for him lately a few weeks back.

Watching his preview on Champs podcast with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN which is set to premiere this Thursday on REVOLT, then you will understand Kanye West could be the most GOAT to most traditional rappers.

So what is in the gut? Well the interview has not been officially made public but there is a clip that manage to surface online where The formal G-Unite rapper was heard, probably thanking Kanye west instead of Dr. Dre

Game says Kanye West has done more for him in the past two weeks than Dr. Dre has done his whole career. We are not sure what made the Compton rapper make a comment like that but from the outside looking in, it seems pretty unreasonable.

Dre helped launch Game’s career, executive producing his hit debut album The Documentary while also producing many of the songs on the multi-platinum LP. The two also worked on more records following that.

Many are quite surprised about this convo and why he said such thing even confusing because Dr. Dre is majorly the bedrock of the ’90s not only for Tupac, but The Game also enjoined Dre’s reign. Watch below.

The Game and Kanye West have been alone over the past weeks. Looks like the Compton rapper is convinced with YE’s recent moments with him and he is confusing it before Dr. Dre.