Tyga Sued For $1.3M Over Lack Of Car Payments

Tyga denies Allegations of Domestic violence

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The young money rapper, Tyga has been receiving backlash since his ex,Camaryn Swanson accused him of hurting her. Camaryn Swanson how is a fashion designer took her Instagram last last week to share photos of her black eye and how the rapper physically assaulted her. “I’ve been emotionally, mentally and physically abused and I’m not hiding it,” she shared through her Instagram account.

The 31 year old rapper, made it clear to his ex not to visit at 3am but she failed to understand and insisted on taking it to another level as she came shouting at that hour of the night. The victim reported to the LAPD with blood stains on her clothes with lead to the charges against the rapper.

Camaryn Swanson

Although Tyga turned himself in before the police could come for him, Critics already took their social media accounts to drag the celebrity. Artist, Soulja boy who recently reignited beef with the rapper called him out using his Twitter account as he bragged about having a better comeback than him.


“I had the biggest comeback, ni**a. Out here beating up girls and shit,” he said. “Man, what’s wrong with you, man? They got your crazy ass locked up. Will somebody tell Tyga you cannot put your hands on females, man” he said after retweeting a post from @Datpiff on twitter.

Recently, Tyga has taken his Instagram stories to clear the air about the controversy with his ex explaining why he turned himself in to the police.” I want everyone to know that the allegations against me are false. I was not arrested,” he wrote. “I took myself into the police station and cooperated. I have not been charged with any crime.”