Young Thug Takes PUNK to Tick Tock Performance

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Just like other rappers are promoting their new album, Young Thug isn’t exceptional to put more recognition since his PUNK studio album finally came to inception this month. The album is out and can also stream it on Amahiphop Young Thug’s 2021 songs compilation.

So, what is new about the PUNK album, well for the fact that we still streaming this particular released project, Young Thug giving us more taste of his 2021 project. Apple Music, Spotify and some other streaming platforms currently have it. Other social media platforms also giving notoriety to this album yet again Thugger has taken it to Tick-Tock to perform one of the songs from new catalogue.

Who else hasn’t seen Young Thug performance with Tick T. If no then you can watch him do that as he appeared officially as musical guest during new episode of NBA Sketch show.

Young Thug Tick Tock Punk
Young Thug SNL Tick Tock Performance

According to those who have watched Tick video praise the rapper for deliberately using the platform to promote his new album which features both Drake, J. Cole, Mac Miller Travis Scott and more. You can watch Saturday Night Live, SNL below as it features the rapper.

Young Thug who has been quite active came through again with a new album after Amahiphop ranked him as one of the top artists on its 2021 compilations. The compilation which welcomed Drake, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Cardi B, Eminem 2021 song also has Young Thug’s 2021 songs compilation.

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