Chrome Hearts Gifted Offset and Cardi B Boy 1-of-1 Custom Stroller

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According to Cardi B, 2021 is the one of the best moments in her life after she welcomed her first baby this year.

Indeed it is very big congratulations to but Offset and Cardi B for their new baby, first baby boy to be precise. Their son was born into the world on September 4th 2021. He is now the second child to Offset and Cardi B after Kulture.

Cardi B since her son arrived into the world, she has received some couple of gift from different person and the person was Selena Gomez whom Cardi B showed the birthday gift from the  “Taki Taki” collaborator Gomez, 29.

Selena Gomez baby gift to Cardi’s son is a beautiful packages box and the Bodak Yellow didn’t hid how felt about the amazing celebration from fellow artist. Now there is another gift but it came from Chrome Hearts.

However, to make the raising of their as comfortable as their extravagant living Chrome Hearts gifted Offset and Cardi B 1-of-1 sustom stroller which you can see below. The company took its official Instagram and congratulate the couple, showing Offset pushing the custom stroller. You can also see the above image.

Chrome Hearts gift to Offset and Cardi B for their son

The big boy is already on roll to enjoy life in fullest. His father also gifted her mom with a new mansion for them.