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Watch The Weeknd ‘Is There Someone Else’ Video

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The Weeknd shares “Is There Someone Else” music video. Although this is not a new song but the video at least has The Weeknd as one of the artists who has shared a new songs or videos since this year.

When you about Is There Someone Else, then you should also consider The Weeknd’s 2022 album DAWN FM which was released on January 7th 2022. He never stopped promoting the album and this new year just wants to keep his fans watching with this particular music from DAWN FM album.

While Aswehiphop already compiled The Weeknd 2022 songs and features, it’s also clear that the Blinding Light singer has shared some new songs like Best Friends remix featuring Summer Walker. But as of late, The Weeknd also released Nothing Is Lost.

Though that was a soundtrack he released last month from the Avatar movie. Today Weeknd has another music video from DAWN FM. Below you can Watch the steamy and cinematic video which co-stars Mackenzee Wilson and is directed by Clique.

The Weeknd has not released any project in 2023. But the year is so fresh, meanwhile, there is hope that he might announce a new album or drop music later this year. As for let’s keep streaming DAWN FM album and other previous albums.