Snoop Dogg run Twitter

Snoop Dogg Wants to Run Head Of Twitter

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Snoop Dogg wants to run the head of Twitter. Uncle Snoop then sought the attention of his fans on the platform by creating a poll where you can say Yes or No. Fans have been commenting on Twitter and as well tapping their favourite check on the poll.

Snoop Dogg’s aim to become head CEO came up after billionaire Elon Musk promised to step down if many say Yes to his poll. Meanwhile, as many have experienced his Elon Musk governance on Twitter, it has led them to make quicker decisions with Yes or No.

Checking the poll below as created by the current Twitter head honcho, Elon Musk, he has gotten about 57% of Twitter users saying Yes for him to step down. On other hand, about 42% of users have suggested that he should retain the popular social as the CEO. You can check out his post below.

Elon Musk Twitter step down poll

Snoop Dogg who hasn’t been CEO of any platform has been the only one who bid to run the social media (Twitter). Though he got about 81% of Twitter users said Yes while about 19% of Twitter users turned down Snoop Dogg running the platform.

Main looking at Snoop Dogg’s poll, probably his fans want him to be the new Twitter CEO. He got the best vote. However, Snoop Dogg hasn’t said anything since he created the poll though we are waiting for his next action. Snoop Dogg is strictly a business not only rap he uses to make his money.

The rapper purchased Death Row Records same this year, and yet again he wants to run Twitter as CEO. Well, that could more heavy-duty for him and might slow him down on some of the related ventures he operates on.

Snoop Dogg poll to run twitter as CEO

What do you think about Snoop Dogg purchasing Twitter, and running it as Chief Executive Officer. Remember he just sought your vote via a poll which many have agreed with Yes.