Snoop Dogg Appointed for Songwriters Hall Fame.

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The hip hop legend Snoop Dogg is up for the Songwriters hall fame, he is officially among the nominated rappers to win the award.

The 54th Annual Induction & Awards Gala which Snoop Dogg is among the nominee is to hold by next year June 15, 2023 in New York City.

Meanwhile there are other rappers who are likely to appear in the same category with him during the 54th Annual Induction & Awards Gala and they include Blondie, R.E.M. and Patti Smith.

Snoop Dogg is actually one of those rappers who are so incredible with they career as he has so many records which can make him win the songwriters wall Fame.

Starting from his 1993 solo album, “Doggystyle”, produced by Dr. Dre, being the first album to ever debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart, he has made so much history and name of himself with his vocals.

Snoop Dogg has contributed in expanding rap vocabularies and making some valuable changes in the hip hop community which includes hip hop fashion and other introductions he made to the industry.

In the terms of making Albums, snoop Dogg is actually good in giving out new Albums to his audience and according to records, he has over 35 million albums worldwide sold.

Snoop Dogg ability to make his vocabulary simple and effective has help him to keep impacting and influencing the upcoming rappers in the industry.

So many good reasons why Snoop Dogg should win in that category meanwhile he is already a legend but that is necessary for him to complete his achievements in music.

There are other hip hop heavyweights like JAY-Z, Missy Elliott, Pharrell and Jermaine  Dupri who have Songwriters hall fame award and if snoop Dogg wins, he would likely be among the hip hop heavyweight.